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How to draw like Fernando LLort...


A place to tell you a bit more about Fernando LLort, his amazing legacy and everything surrounding his art…

How to draw like Fernando LLort...

Fernando LLort

Fernando was not only a great artist, he was an amazing teacher too.

"Now is the right time. Today is the day of salvation". - Fernando LLort

Fernando was a great visionary, but he was also great at focusing on the right things at the right time. 

He had a vision for La Palma and its people, and he knew it would take a lot of work to get there, but the size of the dream didn't distract him from his purpose and from the day to day things that needed to be done, the seemingly small repeated actions. 

And so, he would gather the artisans in his studio everyday, and would teach them how to draw in his style. He would get down to the smallest details, the shape of the faces, the eyes, the neck; everything had a purpose and a right way. Fernando's drawings tend to look easy, and almost childlike, but when you look at them closely and try to do them yourself you realise that there is a lot behind the geometry of the lines and the shapes, and if you do it right it all makes sense, but if you don't, there is no consistency in the composition.

The photos you see in this email are some of the pages Fernando used to teach the people from La Palma and El Arbol de Dios (his gallery in San Salvador). That is his actual handwriting.

It's one thing to have a big bold vision, but it is a completely different story to be able to consistently repeat those small actions day in day out to build that vision slowly but with a strong foundation; and that is what my dad was able to do over many years and we all know now what the result was.

As always, feel free to write back, if you have any questions or there is something about Fernando LLort that you would like to know more of, please let us know, we love hearing from all of you that appreciate my father's art!

Angel F LLort
(Fernando's youngest son)