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Fernando the writer...


A place to tell you a bit more about Fernando LLort, his amazing legacy and everything surrounding his art…

Fernando the writer...

Fernando LLort

Fernando's studio was full of writings on the walls. He was always trying to remind himself of the important things in life.

"To serve the Spirit and let oneself be guided by Him". - Fernando LLort

One would think that for an artist it is all about the paintings, the technique and the pieces of art he is creating, but when we look at the other facets of Fernando's world, we find that his art was mainly guided and inspired by principles, and these are reflected on everything he made.

In the pace of life it is easy to forget our principles sometimes, so we all have or should have tactics to remind us of what is important rather than urgent. Fernando's way of remembering was through writing his thoughts on the walls of his studio (both in La Palma and San Salvador). So we find beautiful phrases about God, about his "Why", about the little things that really matter, nature, music, family; and pretty much everything that encompasses what went through his amazing mind.

Fernando's art was a reflection of a life well lived, of a man with deep principles and a very clear understanding of where he was going, why and how to get there.

It always feels to me that we have so much more to learn from him than just his art, and that's the reason for this newsletter, so we can all dive into his world, go beyond the art and hopefully learn a few lessons for life too.

As always, feel free to write back, if you have any questions or there is something about Fernando LLort that you would like to know more of, please let us know, we love hearing from all of you that appreciate my father's art!

Angel F LLort

(Fernando's youngest son)