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Fernando Llort - The Person


A closer look to my life, my special moments and my anxious personality

My anxious personality...



When I was a boy... 


"My passion for art started to show when I was just a little boy. In school, I used to spend more time making drawings on the back of my notebooks than paying attention on what the teacher was saying; surprisingly, I graduated from high school when I was just 16 years old and had always had good grades during my school days. The freedom, fantasy and passion for art was starting to develop in me, without even knowing that it would become a way of living life for me".

My rebel side... 

"I was the lead vocal of one of the most representative rock bands from El Salvador during the 60’s, “La Banda del Sol” (The Sun Band), immersed in the “hippie” movement. Some of the band lyrics were rebel and very honest when talking about politics and the government, so honest that one of our songs was prohibited from being broadcasted in all Central America.

In my artistic works I sometimes reflect some of this rebel personality, I have always used mixed techniques (from oleo to crayons and everything in between), being honest to my belief that the art must be free of rules and statutes".


My Thoughts….


There are moments when I love to jot down my thoughts...

  • ¨The main objective to achieve through my paintings and crafts is to reconnect with my roots as a Latin American man and thereby contribute to defining our people in both human and spiritual dimensions.¨

"Guerreros Defensores"

"Defendeing warriors of our identity with dignity.
Warriors of the pure beauty, creativity, no-envy, divine inspiration and respect towards ourselves and what we make with our own hands.
Warriors of respect to the blood and memory of our grandparents and ancestors.
Of the bright atmosphere of La Palma.
Of the unity of the disqualified by the powerful ones. Of Peace".


"Guerreros en Contra"

"Warriors against…
The dark, unmeasured profit of mercantile globalization.
Wild and confusing materialism that divides us.
Everything that lacks of human face or tries to annihilate it.
Everything that despises our identity and dignity".

"El Salvador" 

"El Salvador:
Oh land of a deep heart and a sense of inspiration. 
Why do you turn your back to a brother sometimes, or to a friend?
Your heart is full of love in joy,
What happens at the middle?
How did you decide your destiny with rebillion?
You are not a rebel in your heart,
So, what’s the benefit?
What can you conquer? Conquer a small country, against whom? - And what for? 
If blood is to be spilled for a reason, take your cross.
Be the man of blood. Take the same cross and be the man of peace that you are internally.
Earth is a circumference. Give water and love to it and you’ll get it’s fruits in return, fruits from the heart".

Fernando Llort presents  'Abriendo Caminos'