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Fernando dreamt about it, now it's real...

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"Art is food for the soul" - Fernando LLort

The Foundation of Fernando Llort is a nonprofit organisation created by the artist Fernando Llort in the year 1989, reorganising and starting operations since 2006 in El Salvador, Central America.

Our mission is to Promote Art and Culture on the base of the Latin-American people, conceived in their integral dimension, as a constructor of their own history and civilisation of tomorrow, in distinct artistic and cultural areas.

Our vision is to be an entity that promotes, through the teaching of art and culture, the well-being and development of the human being.

As a Foundation, we take the legacy, the trajectory of Fernando Llort and his technique of continuous experimentation and constant research in the arts, and we converted it in a method which is put in to practice, to teach, educate with values, and above all to put it in the hands of people who suffer from abandonment, poverty, violence, social disadvantages, and who need incentives to make a living, to grow, or to get out of precarious emotional situations.

We have proposed a romantic but yet possible mission, we have initiated a crusade for the promotion of art and culture believing this can transform lives as shown in Fernando Llort´s work with the people of El Salvador.

Fernando Llort developed, as an artist in La Palma, a town where there is virtually no unemployment because of his ability to teach others how to make a living through the arts.

The trajectory of Fernando Llort has left a profound foot print in the hearts and lives of those who contributed with him to build his work. The foundation takes this foot print, and transforms it into its values, the base of all of our actions.

Since 2007 the foundation has already touched more than 4,000 children, young people and adults in different communities and has worked with different organisations, such as: World Bank, SOLETERRE, HSBC, The American Embassy in El Salvador, Save the children US in EL Salvador, FUNDASALVA, among others.

Our mission is romantic and our vision ambitious, we want to continue filling with colour the life of people, we want to continue transforming dark visions into illuminating stories.

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Read below for details on our method and different workshops offerings.