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Saint Romero and Fernando Llort


A place to tell you a bit more about Fernando LLort, his amazing legacy and everything surrounding his art…

Saint Romero and Fernando Llort

Fernando LLort

Fernando shared a lot of the philosophy of life preached by Saint Romero.

"To serve the Spirit and let oneself be guided by it". - Fernando LLort

Fernando was always a very spiritual man. His beliefs and principles were a central part of his achievements. He was always seeking the Truth, and found peace by being close to God.

Throughout his life, he was always very close to spiritual people, and a very special friend was Saint Oscar Romero. They would catch up whenever they could and share thoughts about God and the application of the spiritual message in practical life. In one occasion, Romero visited "La Semilla de Dios" in La Palma, a cooperative Fernando started with the first artisans, and spent a day with them, learning about what they were doing and talking to them about the example they were setting as a community that was putting into practice the teachings of Jesus.

In one of Romero's homilies, he talks about La Palma and the phenomenon that happened when Fernando started the artisan movement. He was very impressed by how the community was putting into practice what Fernando was teaching them and how special it was that everything they were doing had a spiritual backing. 

Fernando was a man close to God. The first thing he would do on his daily routine was to read the Liturgy of the Hours; and he would always say that his work was dedicated to God and that everything came from Him. 

As always, feel free to write back, if you have any questions or there is something about Fernando LLort that you would like to know more of please let us know, we love hearing from all of you that appreciate my father's art!

Angel F LLort
(Fernando's youngest son)