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What seed have you planted today?...


A place to tell you a bit more about Fernando LLort, his amazing legacy and everything surrounding his art…

What seed have you planted today?...

Fernando LLort

Fernando planted a seed in La Palma and it flourished far beyond his wildest dreams.

"I'm a reflection of God". - Fernando LLort

A humble seed from a humble tree, the Copinol, was all it was needed to spark a fire that ignited a whole town in the north of El Salvador, La Palma.

One day, Fernando was walking through the streets of the town and saw a boy scraping a seed, he asked the boy if he could grab the seed, and, looking at it closely, he realised it was the perfect medium for a work of art; he even thought to himself "... it's got a frame already built in!...", in reference to the black line that surrounds the copinol seed naturally. So he took it to his studio and started drawing miniature pictures on it, and then, started teaching the people from La Palma how to do it. And just like that the artisan movement started, from a humble seed. 

For me, the message is very clear, we plant seeds in our life and obtain the fruits from them, the question is, what kind of seeds do we want to plant? Fernando picked a beautiful seed and created a movement that will live forever in El Salvador and the world, lets take that example and apply it to our own life.

As always, feel free to write back, if you have any questions or there is something about Fernando LLort that you would like to know more of, please let us know, we love hearing from all of you that appreciate my father's art!

Angel F LLort
(Fernando's youngest son)