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Lord, you who grants the inspiration to the artists to shape the beauty that comes from you, allow my work to raise the joy and hope in mankind, especially in the most forgotten, poor and abandoned.
— Fernando Llort

We want to keep filling the lives people with colours. We want to continue transforming dark landscapes in illuminating stories. For this to occur we need hands, minds and resources. Include yourself in this cause, contribute with us and help us help others.


How to help us?

  1. Choose from the programs below, starting from $5.00.  Every single cent makes a difference!

  2. You can donate online or by bank transfer (contact us to enquire more about donating via bank transfer).

  3. You can also make a donation by contacting the Foundation directly on +503 2272 1548.

  4. Donate by buying a product in the Foundation’s Shop. When you buy a product, your donation helps support the projects of Fernando Llort’s Foundation. Best of all, these products are handmade by children, young people and adults in different communities that have attended our workshops.

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